Infusion Pump (BD-8000)

  • User-friendly anti-slip design
  • Big colour LCD screen display
  • Three work mode selection: rate mode, body weight mode and time modes
  • Intelligent factory default
  • Adjustable alarm sound from 0-3 levels
  • Adjustable air bubble and pressure value for alarm
  • Adjustable KVO rate: 1-5ml/h
  • Port of car power supply
  • Weight: <1.8kg

Syringe Pump (BD-5000)

  • Suitable for all brands of standard syringes: 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml and 60ml
  • Three kinds of injection modes: rate mode, time mode and body weight mode
  • Pressure is detected directly and accurately by a pressure sensor
  • Double CPU monitoring to make the injection process safer and more reliable
  • With audio-visual alarm and various alarm status shown
  • With bolus (fast speed) dosage function
  • Driven by precise step motor, no pulse wave occurs even during low rate
  • Injection increment: 0.1ml/h
  • Weight: <3kg