Splinting Accessories


Resolving Hole Punch

Self-Opening, Nickel-plated, Punches from 0.2 cm to 0.48cm Throat 8.3 cm

Beta Pile II Self Adhesive Straps

Combine stretch-resistant padded Beta Pile With 7.6cm of self-adhesive hook-and-loop. Trim loop to length. Won’t stretch. Beige

Zytel D-Rings

for fabrication
Custom D-Ring straps.
2.5 cm. 100/pk

Fiskars Scissors

Double Sided Hooks

Splinting Scissors

Beta Pile II

D-Ring Straps combine soft Beta Pile II With 5.1 cm of hook-and-loop closure.
Nylon D-Ring. Comfortable for short-term Wear. Cannot be trimmed.

Halfsize Thermal Bath

Dual Thermostat is factory set at C (High) and C low. Hinged insulated covers. Stainless Steel.
Rear Drain.

Finger Loops

Have a metal eyelet. 10/pk

Finger Hooks


Speed Rivets