Blood Warmers



  • ET-TF-II Infusion Fluid Warmer is an indirect heating device (dry heat warmer)
  • Can be used repeatedly with standard IV infusion tubing set
  • Portable and easy to use
  • No special training is required
  • Setup can be finished in 1 minute at most
  • Flow rate: 2 - 12ml/min (against temperature span: 25-41˚C)
  • High accurate digital control for temperature
  • Infusion fluid is regulated automatically to the set temperature in a short time
  • Saving cost because no special disposable sets are needed
  • ET-TF-II is just used with standard IV tubing



  • Safe and reliable, adopting reinforced protective insulation
  • 3 level temperature measuring / calibration control to avoid deviation from the   temperature setting
  • Small size, convenient and easy to operate, may be used repeatedly
  • Novel and streamline appearance design
  • Adopting advanced PTC panel for quick and even heating
  • Infusion liquid may be up to 26˚C - 35˚C only after 3-5 minutes of warming
  • It may be directly connected to 110V or 220V


Fluid Warming Cabinet

  • External surfaces manufactured from electro-galvanized and epoxy-coated mild  steel
  • Internal surfaces manufactured from brushed grade 304 stainless steel
  • Easy and reliable operation
  • Temperature control range: ambient temperature to 40°C (can be adjusted to other  preferred settings)
  • Fitted with an over-temperature sensor and a cut-out switch