• Colour TFT Display
  • Ultra-thin design for portable carrying, easy operation for convenient test
  • Large TFT screen to display the test result clearly
  • Measure FVC, PEF, FEV1 etc. and parameters synchronously
  • Support diagnosis evidence by volume and flow rate chart display With precise,  credible test result and good consistency
  • Communication with the computer with the USB (or Bluetooth), which can calculate  data, analyze trend and export
  • Built-in lithium battery with battery power display



  • Measures Vital Capacity (VC), Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) and Maximum Ventilator  Volume (MVV) 
  • Adopting pressure-flow sensor, sensitive, precise, easy to launder, clean and  durable
  • All parameters can be displayed on large screen (320x240)
  • Built-in memory, can store maximum 300 cases of patient measurement results
  • Calibrate automatically, all English operation, more convenient to operate
  • 110mm thermal printer built-in, can print out a clear clinical report