De Soutter Autopsy Saw with Extraction Unit


    The safe hand piece is fully immersible allowing it to be routinely scrubbed and disinfected after use
    Variable speed from zero to maximum operated at the power supply gives optimum cutting efficiency
    Degree of protection of saw hand piece against ingress of liquid is IP67 immersible at 1 meter
    The extractor has five levels of filtration enabling the system to meet the highest health standards

Hebu HB8891 Hebu Oscillating GOLD Plus Autopsy Saw


This saw has the same constructive characteristics as the GOLD Plus
Functionality and quality are always in the foreground
Due to the area of usage of the GOLD Plus Autopsy, the saw can be sterilized,
something that is necessary
As a result, the easy to remove saw head has pressure balance bore holes
This guarantees perfect functioning of the saw despite high temperatures during sterilization

Hebu HB 8888-02 Autopsy Saw with Extraction Unit


Complete with saw HB 8880,
Vacuum Cleaner, Tube , Hose clamp,
Dust Removal Unit,
Saw Blade HB 8896-03,