Assessment Tools



Baseline Complete Hand Evaluation Set

All the instruments you need for a complete hand evaluation stored in a portable carrying case.

Baseline LTE Three Piece Hand Evaluation Set

Includes all instruments necessary to evaluate strength and range of motion of hand and fingers in a portable carrying case.

Personal Rulangemeter

Has a 360° dial in 5° increments.
Plastic with linear measurement to 15.3cm

Personal Goniometer

Has two 0° to 180° (5° increments) scales that read in opposite directions.

Baseline Stainless Steel Goniometer


Frequently used grip strength measurement instruments with heavy-duty handles and five grip positions. Easy to adjust. Record in both pounds and kilograms.

O’Conner Finger Dexterity Test

Measures patients small-part manipulation ability.

Perdue Pegboard

Includes instructions and standards for evaluation, pegboard, pegs, collars and washers

O’Conner Tweezer Dexterity Test

Includes board, pins and manual with norms.