• An incubator is designed for maintaining an infant, especially a premature infant, in  an environment of controlled temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration
  • It has a flexible and push-and-pull humidity and tilt adjuster with large baby-  nursing space
  • Servo-control air temperature or skin temperature by a micro computer
  • Built-in integrated sensor box, which includes a skin temperature sensor, air  temperature sensor, oxygen concentration sensor and humidity sensor
  • Double wall hood, front and back access panel, large mattress, x-ray tray under the  bed, heat going out from both side of back and front to increase the inside  temperature uniformity
  • LCD digital display, menu operation, >37˚C temperature setting,
  • 48 hours screen of remembering curve
  • Eight self-check alarms, RS-232 connector, central internet monitoring system to  infant, electronic variable resisting and a knockdown storage cabinet